How to set-up your Google Scholar Profile "Google Scholar Citation"?

Google Scholar is a free service, provided by Google Company to the universities' professors and the postgraduate researchers.

This service helps in:

-  Upgrading Mansoura University's ranking according to the latest World Universities Rankings.

-   Facilitating the electronic marketing of the researches and releasing them on the internet.

- Getting the scientific researches easily and precisely.

Google Scholar Service gained a great importance as one of the significant indicators that help in evaluating the universities' rankings as well as the researchers' efforts.

* Important Guidelines:

  • For setting up your Google Scholar Profile, you MUST have a G-Mail account.
  • If you have not a G-Mail Account, please visit the following link: and choose "Create An Account", so that you can easily write the required data for creating an account.
  • Please, visit Google Scholar Website from the following link: and follow the indicated instructions that are shown on the pictures.
  • To prove that you work in an academic organisation, you MUST use your personal e-mail of Mansoura University.
  • It is quite important to write your title, your specialisation and the name of university in which you work.
  • By following these important instructions, you can easily have a Google Scholar profile, including "your researches, times of citation and the names of researchers who used your researches as references".
  • By setting up your Google Scholar profile, you can add any new research of yours as well as any new data about you. 

إنشاء حساب على جووجل

Google Scholar


Google Scholar

Google Scholar

Google Scholar

Google Scholar

Google Scholar

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