Students and Graduates

 Goals of Students' Care Department:

  • Strengthening the national awareness amongst students.
  • Creating and strengthening the students' sense of belonging.
  • Supporting the students' freedom of speech and their right in expressing their points of view, which plays a role in building confidence in their personality and having the ability to think freely.
  • Building a sense of teamwork amongst students and their professors.
  • Giving students the chance in serving the community through their participations in the different leisure times' activities.
  • Organising programmes for serving both of the environment and the community through encouraging co-operation of students and different associations.
  • Discussing and investigating into students' problems and troubles with the responsible ones and suggesting solutions for them.
  • Enabling students to identify and recognise the community's characteristics and requirements.
  • Organising trips as well as social, cultural and recreational camps.
  • Developing and supporting the different hobbies of students.
  • Creating a co-ordination amongst the different activities of the families and organising contests amongst them. 

Students' Union

 Through Students' Union, students can practise their different activities.

The Council of Students' Union specilises in:

  • Setting the union's policy in the light of the committees' presented programmes.
  • Carrying out and following up the processes of the committees' programmes.
  •  Determining and setting the annual budget of the council and its committees.
  • Co-ordinating the work amongst the committees of the union's council.
  • Creating new relations with students' unions in the other faculties. 
  •  Electing the members of Students Union from the faculty students.   
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