Education and Students affairs Sector is headed by the faculty's vice dean for education and students affairs.

This sector is responsible for managing all the students' affairs from their first year of joining the faulty until their gradation.

 The Department of Education and Students Affairs specialises in the following tasks:

  • Drawing up the plans of study, examinations and education.
  • Following up the implementation of the decisions of the Supreme Council of Universities, the University Council and the Council of Education and Students Affairs.
  • Determining the semesters' beginning and end, and the times of summer holiday, in the light of the University Council's decisions.
  • Preparing the statistical reports and the required data for extracting information, the monthly and annual reports and the teaching schedules.
  • Receiving the new students and distributing them on the different programmes of study, according to the standards and criteria approved by the Council of the Faculty.
  • Preparing a file for each student, entering students' data on the University's database and registering it in folders.
  •  Making students ID Cards after paying the required tuition fees.
  • Preparing lists of students' names, sending them to the scientific departments and following up students' attendance and punctuality in both of the lectures and the sections.
  • Participating in the students' summer training affairs.
  • Preparing the required cards for all the examinations affairs.
  • Gathering and registering the examinations' results.
  •  Preparing the students' medical application forms, as well as their medical cards of the health insurance.  
  • Managing the students' transfers from/to the faculty as well as students' enrolments stopping rules.
  • Preparing the students' registration certificates and filling-in the application forms of the students' dormitory.
  • Monitoring and following-up the military training/service for the male students.
  • Revising the correction forms of the faculty's professors and the assigned ones.

 Tasks of the Faculty's Vice dean for Education and Students' affairs:

  •  Supervising all students' affairs.
  • Supervising the students' training.
  • Discussing the scientific departments' suggestions that are related to the study and examinations' systems.
  •  Supervising the social and sports affairs of students.
  •  Supervising the affairs of the incoming international students. 
  •  Demonstrating topics that are related to education and students' affairs in the annual conference of the faculty. 
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