Tourism Studies Department

The Tourism Studies Departmentaims at preparing well-qualified graduates who have the required important skills for the local and regional tourism market. The department assures that its graduates should gain some important abilities that help them in their career. These abilities are for example, interacting with the new trends and developments in the tourism industry, having the skills of the self-education 'that help them in keeping up with the all-new in the field',as well as developing their moral and behavioural values.

The study in the Department of Tourism Studies is built on the theoretical curriculum and the practical side of the study. The practical side involves summer training in every academic year, field visits and scientific trips throughout the years of study. The department has also succeeded in making an academic co-operation with the sectors of tourism and airline. The various academic programmes of the department enable its graduates to get a job in the different department of travel agencies, airline companies, and airports, in addition to some other careers including public relations, marketing, customer service and advertising.

 Staff of the Department of Tourism Studies

NoName title
1 Prof. Walid Sayed Amin Abd Allah  Professor 
2 Prof. Doaa Samir Mohammed Hizah  Professor 
3 Dr. Rania Mohmmed Bahaa El-Dien Assistant Professor 
4 Dr. Shaimaa Abo Khangar Mohammed  Lecturer 
5 Dr. Ahmed Adel Mahmoud Hammad  Lecturer
6 Dr. Aya Ahmed Abel Mageed Lecturer
7 Dr. Reham Mamdouh Abd El- Maksoud  Lecturer
8 Ms. Israa Ahmed Abd El- Mageed Assistant Lecturer
9 Ms. Arwa Ahmed Ali Assistant Lecturer
10 Ms. Basma Farrag Shaheen  Demonstrator 
11 Ms. Youmna Mustafa Abdel Fadeel Mohamed Demonstrator
12 Ms. Aya Mohamed Mohamed Hamed Demonstrator
13 Ms. Nourhan Gamal Ibrahim Ahmed Demonstrator
14 Ms. Taaa Hesham Abdelmonem Hassan  Demonstrator



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