The Tourism Guidance Department

    The Tourism Guidance department aims at presenting qualified graduates who have extensive knowledge of the Egyptian history, the Egyptian monuments and the Egyptian civilisation. The department assures that its graduate students should have the enough tourism knowledge that enables them to work in the tourism industry and to deal perfectly with the tourists. It also emphasises on the importance of the language skills to its scholars. So, programmes of some foreign languages are presented in this department, including English, French and Dutch, in addition to some other languages. Moreover, the tourism guidance department focuses on the necessary skills that are required for its scholars, which are for instance public discourse skills, leadership skills and organising skills. The study in this department involves a practical side, which is performed through a lot of scientific trips to the various historical and archaeological sites in Egypt. Hence, the academic programmes of this department have the ability to qualify its graduates to work in the field of tourism guidance as well as in some other related fields, which are for example the tourism industry, marketing, advertising and customer services.      

Staff of the Department of Tourism Guidance

NoName title
1 Prof. Mohamed Ahmed Abdel Latif Professor 
2 Prof. Rehab Mahmoud El Sharnouby Professor 
3 Dr. Nermine Mahmoud Shoukry  Assistant Professor 
4 Dr. Mona Ezz Ali  Assistant Professor
5 Dr.Karim Ahmed Abd El-Fattah  Lecturer
6 Dr. Mahmoud Sayed Abd Allah  Lecturer
7 Dr. Sarah Ali Hamaiel  Lecturer
8 Mr. Ali Hassan Eid Assistant Lecturer
9 Ms. Rasha Shabaan Abd Al- Hady  Assistant Lecturer
10 Ms. Hanem Ibrahim Saleh  Assistant Lecturer
11 Ms. Gehad Abd El- Wahaab Shalaby  Assistant Lecturer
12 Ms. Ghadeer Mahmoud Abd Al- Bakey Assistant Lecturer
13 Ms. Hanan Ali Mahmoud Abd Elaziz Assistant Lecturer
14 Mr. Ahmed Abdel Wareth Ghanem Demonstrator 
15 Ms. Khloud Hosney Younes Demonstrator 

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