Hotel Studies Department

     The Hotel Studies Department aims at preparing well-qualified graduates who have the required skills for working in the field of hotels and hospitality. The department focuses on preparing its scholars to getthe supervisory level in the hospitality industry within a short period of time. The study in this department includes a practical side which is performed in both of the educational hotel and the educational restaurant of the faculty. In addition, the department provides summer trainings throughout the academic years of study and the graduation project in the last academic year of study, which enables the graduates to have the ability of planning, executing and monitoring the projectsthat are related to the hotels industry.

Staff of the Department of Hotel Studies

NoName title
1 Prof. Wael  Mahmoud Aziz Professor 
2 Dr. Ahmed Hassan Mohammed Metoally Assistant Professor 
3 Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Fattah Zohary Assistant Professor 
4 Dr. Sherif Gamal Saad Soliman Assistant Professor 
5 Dr. Farida Mustafa Ibrahim El- Adway Lecturer
6 Dr. Ahmed Anwar Abbas Abd- Allah Lecturer
7 Ms. Omnia Tarek Hussain Salam Assistant Lecturer 
8 Mr. Ahmed Saleh Saleh Abu Eleni   Assistant Lecturer
9 Ms.Shaima Ali Fawzi Mohammed Ali Assistant Lecturer 
10 Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Mahmoud Al-Said Assistant Lecturer 
11 Mr. Gamal Ibrahim Mohamed Gado Assistant Lecturer  
12 Mr. Mohamed Alaa Ibrahim El-Sayed Demonstrator
13 Mr. Mahmoud Naeem Abbas Mousa Demonstrator
14 Ms. Raghda Mansour El Sayed  Demonstrator


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