Instructions of the Final Exams' Invigilators

Dear committees' invigilators

In order to ensure the smooth running of the faculty's final exams, you should obey the following instructions, which are:

  • Be at the committee's place half an hour prior to the exam's time so that you can know your committee, receive the answer sheets and know any other instructions.
  • Try to help students to find their seats.
  • Be at the designated place of the committee until the exam's time is over.
  • Make sure that students are not holding mobile phones, books, handouts, papers or any other references.
  • Distribute the answer sheets to students ten minutes prior to the exam's time.
  • Students' cards should be checked and collected from students and be given back to them after receiving their answer sheets.
  • Take the answer sheets from the committee's observer and give the extra ones back to 'him/her'.
  • Make sure that students' names and seat numbers are identical to each student's data on the cards and the answer sheets.
  • Help the committee's observer in writing the names of absent students.
  • Avoid smoking in the committee or talking to students.
  • Avoid reading the questions sheet to students.
  • Avoid sharing students' tools amongst them.
  • Make sure that each student has signed his name as present.
  • Answer sheets and the absence forms should be delivered to the control room.
  • Avoid leaving the committee without the observer's acceptance.
  • Avoid leaving the committee before the exam's time is over.
  • Inform the committee's observer about students who need a medical case.

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