Applying for the Postgraduate Study

Applying for the postgraduate study of the academic year 2020/2021 will start from the 4th of August to the 31st of August 2020.

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Asst. Prof. Mohamed Zohry – Head of the Hotel Studies Dept.

Prof. Amina Ibrahim Shalaby; Dean of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels – Mansoura University, the faculty's vice deans, heads of scientific departments and all the teaching staff congratulate Asst. Prof. Mohamed Abdel Fattah Zohry for holding the position of the acting head of the hotel studies department for the second year. 

Wishing him all the best of luck and success.

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The Greater Bairam Bonus for Demonstrators and Assistant Lecturers 

Prof. Ashraf Mohamed Abdel Baster; President of Mansoura University, decides to present a bonus for the demonstrators and assistant lecturers on the occasion of the Greaer bairam.

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Vicepresident of Mansoura University for Higher Educations Meets Mansoura University's Envoys via Videoconference

The Sector of Higher Education in Mansoura University announces an important meeting between Prof. Ashraf Tarek Hafez; Vice president of Mansoura University for Higher Education, and the envoys of Mansoura University. The meting will be held via videoconference on Sunday; the 26th of July, 2020 at 10.30 AM.

This meeting will be held within the framework of Mansoura University to communicate with its envoys, identify the problems and obstacles they face, and try to reach a solution for their problems. The meeting also aims at transferring of the envoys' experiences to their peers, taking advantage of their scientific disciplines and identifying their suggestions for intensifying the co-operation amongst the university in which they study and Mansoura Univerity for the improvement of its international ranking.

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