Postgraduate and Research Sector


Postgraduate and Research Sector is headed by the faculty's vice dean of Postgraduate and Research. This sector consists of five departments which are: the higher studies, the researches, the cultural relations, the scientific magazine and the library. 

The sector aims at:

  •  Preparing well-qualified researchers who have the ability to conduct scientific researches in the different majors of the faculty.
  • Preparing well-qualified cadres for getting the diploma, master degree as well as the doctor of philosophy degree. 
  •  Increasing and enriching the skills of the postgraduates by teaching them more foreign languages and the best computer skills.
  • Facilitating the process of conducting the scientific researches through fruitful co-operations with the local and foreign organisations.
  • Sending the faculty's professors abroad, so that they can be in contact with the different scientific schools.
  • Informing the faculty's professors about the different scientific conferences, seminars and symposia, so that they can take part in them.
  • Creating fruitful co-operation protocols with the other foreign countries for the purpose of conducting researches, sharing experiences and exchanging professors.

 Tasks of Postgraduate and Research Sector:

  • Developing and improving the current programmes, by converting the higher studies' programmes into the credit hours system.
  •  Establishing new programmes.
  •  Adjusting the faculty's list of rules.
  • Finding scientific schemes between the faculty of Tourism and Hotels – Mansoura University and other foreign universities. 
  • Helping students to go abroad and getting training courses in other countries.
  •  Activating the role of the University's internet in carrying out the sector's tasks in its communication with the postgraduates, professors, scientific departments of the faculty and the University's administration.
  •  Developing the paper files' system for carrying out the tasks of the higher studies department quickly.
  • Developing the performance of the employees of the higher studies department for increasing their work proficiency in carrying out the department's tasks.
  • Supplying the faculty's library with new Arabic-foreign books and periodicals in different fields.
  • Developing the faculty's library, so that researchers can get the required information and references easily.  
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