Manuscript Submission Guidelines

For authors submitting to the Journal of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels – Mansoura University:

1- Scientific researches are accepted in: Arabic, English, French and German.

2- The scientific research must not have been published or submitted before, either in the same journal or elsewhere. Accordingly, a written commitment concerning that point must be presented by the author.

3- The scientific researches are revised confidentially by a board of specialised reviewers in the fields of submitted researches. In accordance with the journal's policy, authors have not the right to lodge complaints or object to the reviewers' opinions on the research.

4- Researches must be submitted to the faculty's vice-dean for postgraduates and Research Affairs "the journal's editor".

5- Researches submitted in Arabic and foreign languages must comply with the following instructions:

-  Paper Size:A4.

-  Right and Left Margins:4.25 cm.

Top and Bottom Margins: 5.5 cm.

-  Font Size:14.

Titles' Font Size: 16.

-  Line Spacing:Single.

-  Footnote:12.

-  Font Type for Arabic Researches: Simplified Arabic.

-  Font Type for Foreign Researches: Times New Roman.

6- Three hardcopies of the research must be submitted with a CD including the research in a Word File.

7- Two abstracts "in Arabic and in English", including the research's keywords, must be enclosed to the submitted research.

8- The research's first page must include the following data:

           -  Research's full title in both of Arabic and English languages. 

           - Author/s full name and title in both of Arabic and English languages.   

9- The research must include author/s data, such as: name, title, field of study, place of work, address, e-mail, fax number and telephone number.

10-  Authors must consider the rules and methodology of scientific research, such as: authentication, citation, margin spacing and references' writing.

11- Tables, charts and diagrams must be authenticated by writing their sources.

12- Researches including geographical distribution should be presented in colours "if the researcher wishes to", and his will be on the author's own expense.

13- Submitted researches cannot be given back to authors, if they have been approved or not.

14- The journal retains all researches' copyrights after the acceptance of publishing.

15- In accordance with the rules of copyright, it is not allowed to re-publish or re-submit the research in another journal or conference.

16- Abstracts of Master theses and PhD dissertations must include the following data:

                        . An Introduction concerning the importance of research -             

      . A summary including the research's results and recommendations -            

            - The abstract's first page must include thesis/dissertation's full title, researcher's name,      supervisor's name "in Arabic and English", as well as the thesis/dissertation's number of pages and the year. 

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